Friday, January 15, 2010

Rose's Pear/Gold & Lace Dress


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  1. Hi Jenn! I just discovered that you've been updating on here now and that you've moved to the States? Hope all is going swimmingly!

    I borrowed some of your Titanic pics. Thanks for providing such great images of the costumes! This dress on Rose is my favourite!

  2. Yes, I guess I've been hanging around here for about a year!
    (I feel like such a bad parent whenever I think about my poor neglected review blog...)

    How have you been? 'Enchanted Serenity...' has really grown! I'm always heading over there for the lasted news on upcoming films and series!

    I've been in the States for about 6 months (it feels so much shorter!) but it turns out I moved out of the Glebe right in the nick of time. Did I tell you about that crazy fire last January? That was my house!

    But basically things are good!
    Please help yourself to any images you like!

  3. Thanks! I recalled that you were free to share them previously. I love so many of the pics from this film but just used a few!
    Oh no, I'm glad you did move out before the fire! I know of another family that lived there with 2 young kids who made a quick escape.

    So you're keeping this blog for captures and the other one for reviews? Hats off to you for the work that you do in both regards. Yes, I've been busy updating ES but I make use of stuff that's out there and not my own reviews, etc. Glad to know that you've popped by! I am astounded by all the period dramas that continue to be produced. Had no idea 3 years ago when I began, that there were so many.

    So are you back in L.A.? :)


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