Friday, June 24, 2011

What's New...


Bleak House has finally been added to the Victorian section!
I'm still going in and adding some production photos, but all the pages and links are working now.

Sorry for the delay on getting that one up...I had intended to have it posted last weekend, but my laptop died on me and my monster cat ate not only my power cable but my replacement cable as well! (and not for the first time either)

Evil kitty...Look upon his fluffy face and despair!

I'll be starting on Anna Karenina next, but first I have to take some caps of Tangled for my own reference. I may post them here since it kinda fits with the theme of the website, but I'm on the fence.
However, if anyone is interested I'll certainly make a page for it.



  1. Hi Jen, I love your blog!

    There are still a couple that I would be so happy to see put on this site! The Piano, Bright Star (both films by Jane Campion), Queen Margot (it has GORGEOUS Renaissance costumes), and I'm kind of surprised that nobody suggested this, but Braveheart for your Medieval section!

    Thanks a bunch, I try to refer to your blog as much as I can before I buy period films!

  2. Thanks Anon!

    Good suggestions! (though I doubt I'd be able to stare at Mel Gibson's face for the length of time if would take me to cap the film, so that could be a long time in coming...).

    Unfortunately I'm about to start posting films from my Region 2 collection and so the bulk of my films (which are Region1/NTSC) won't get touched for a while.
    For the next couple of months the only films appearing in the polls will be ones that either haven't been released in North America (or weren't when I purchased them) or older films that are now only available in Europe.

    I had a post to this effect a couple of weeks ago, but I should probably leave a note on the main page for future reference.

    Thanks again!

  3. Hahaha, your cat is adorable!!

    Anna Karenina was a really disappointing film, it really lacked the depth of the novel. It was such a waste of Sophie Marceau's talent. I liked the costumes though. Dresses from the 1870s and 1880s are my favorite!

    Did you know a new version of Anna Karenina is in production? Set for release in 2012.

    Here's the Internet Movie Database link:

    Keira Knightley as Anna Karenina, the extremely talented young actress Saoirse Ronan as Kitty (she was amazing in Atonement, and she got a well deserved Oscar nomination for it even though she was only 13!), some guy named Aaron Johnson as Count Vronsky. I really hope this new movie can get it right because personally, I don't think there's ever been a good Anna Karenina film. (I guess I liked the Vivien Leigh version but I can watch anything with her in it.) It's not surprising though, it's such a big and complicated novel. Maybe a miniseries should be made instead of another film. I'm also a little skeptical about Keira Knightley as the lead. Generally, I like the cast and I like her as an actress but I don't know if she can handle this role. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

    (LOVE your blog by the way!)

  4. Thanks Anon!

    Considering it's a Joe Wright film I'm not at all surprised that Keira Knightley was cast in the lead role. I have to admit hopeful for it...I'm slowly warming to Keira after her last couple of films and even though I had some major issues with Wright's "Pride & Prejudice" I thought it was a decent stab a feature length version of the story (though he'll have his work cut out for him if he's going to tackle Tolstoy).

    I agree the 1997 version was rubbish (apart from the costumes). The editing was terrible and the pacing was a mess. I real jumble of a film.
    (Of course there's a rather notorious story behind all that, what with the Studio stepping in to re-cut the film.)
    In any event, I hope the new one will be better!


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